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History of Odawa Pow Wow

Michigan Executive Directive Re: State-Tribal Relations
Michigan is home to twelve federally recognized Indian tribes. Each tribe is a sovereign government with an inherent right to self-governance and self-determination.
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Ending Homelessness in Michigan 2018 Annual Report

072719 TC Minutes-Approved

080819 TC Minutes-Approved

Proclamations for Indigenous Peoples’ Day.
Petoskey proc - Indigenous Peoples' Day - 10-07-19
Whitmer - October 14, 2019_ Indigenous Peoples Day

Government-to-Government Consultation on Violence Against Women Act
Anii. My name is Stella Kay. I am the Vice Chair for the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians and I am honored to participate in the 12th Annual Government-to-Government Violence Against Women Tribal Consultation. I want to thank the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of the Interior for inviting me here. LTBB greatly appreciates you honoring your trust responsibility to the Tribe by holding this consultation. I am grateful for the opportunity to testify before you today about the Violence Against Women Act.  I also wish to thank the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation for hosting this event. Continue Reading...

LTBB Support of the First Nations of Canada and the "Idle No More" Movement

Gijigowi Documents

VETOED WOS Department of the Repatriation, Archives and Records VETOED
VETOED WOS Education Department VETOED
VETOED WOS Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department VETOED
W.O.S 2010-008 Gijigowi Bibskaabiimi Department
W.O.S. No. 2010-020 VETOED Office of the Treasury Statute (VETOED)
WOS 2011-013 VETO OVERRIDE Office of the Treasury VETO OVERRIDE
WOS 2012-002 Department of the Repatriation, Archives and Records (VETO OVERRIDE)
WOS 2012-003 Education Department (VETO OVERRIDE)
WOS 2012-004 Gijigowi Anishinaabemowin Language Department (VETO OVERRIDE)

On The Red Road

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