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0-Income Verification Form

Direct Client Services

Direct Client Services Program Application

Elders Snowplow Application

Emergency Fuel & Utility Application

Emergency Fuel Utility Program Application

Food and Utility Appropriation Allowance Application

Housekeeping Application

Release of Information

Respite Application

W-9 for Vendor Verification

For Name Change - you must provide the Enrollment Office with the Marriage License/Divorce Decree/Name Change Order.

Applications For Citizenship
Please contact the Enrollment Office at (231) 242-1521 for an Application for Citizenship.

To be eligible for LTBB Citizenship you must be ¼ or more North American Indian blood quantum and trace to Little Traverse Bay Bands.

Below are resources to help you with researching your genealogy.
Mainly Michigan Durant Roll Search

Address Change Forms - Now Fillable On Your Computer

Citizen Forms

Notary Forms

Health Clinic

Purchased Referred Care – PRC (Formally known as Contract Health Services)

Elder’s Dental Services

Hearing Aid Assistance

Application Packets:

Employment Application

LTBB Government Formal Termination Grievance Form

Regulatory Termination Grievance Form

Child Care Assistance

USDA Food Distribution

Low Income Energy Assistance (LIEAP)
LIEAP is OUT of Funds

Burial Assistance

Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) - * CSBG is OUT of Funds*
The CARES Act Fund CSBG is still available.

CARES ACT CSBG Emergency Needs Program

Emergency Fund - The Emergency Fund is OPEN .

BIA Direct Assistance to Citizenship

Foster Care / Adoption

01052021 Application Instructions
2021 Bay de Noc Application 2021
2021 Bear Application 2021
2021 Camping Application
2021 Canoe Application 2021
2021 Captain-Helper-Subsistence Activity Sheet
2021 Commercial Capt Helper Subsistence Fishing app 2021
2021 Commercial Fisher Small Grant Application 2021
2021 Commercial Fishing Apprentice Program Application
2021 Commercial MM 1 2 3 Closure Relief app 2021
2021 Covid 19 Releif Application
2021 Elk Application 2021
2021 Hunt Fish activity sheet 2021
2021 Hunt Fish Application 2021
2021 Impoundment Net Usage Application - 2021
2021 License Holder Survey for 2020 season
2021 Loaner Boat motor trailer App 2021
2021 LTBB Comm Fishermen Safety Equipment App - 2021
2021 LTBB Dock Usage App 2021
2021 LTBB Grid 517 & 518 Permit 2021 Application
2021 LTBB Gun Safe Application
2021 LTBB Sturgeon Harvest Permit App
2021 Other US Tribes LTBB Reservation Hunt Fish App
2021 Reservation Inland Hunt Fish App 2021
2021 Subsistence Netting Permit Application
2021 Walleye Permit Application
2021 Youth Rifle Application
2021-2022 LTBB Sturgeon Harvest Permit App

LTBB Permit Application

Youth Redistration Form - Afterschool Program Fall/Winter 2018-19
Required Youth Registration Packet
Required Parent/Volunteer Registration Packet

All Tribal Court Forms Can Be Found Here

LTBB Voter Registration

Request for Public Documents Form

Small Grant Application 2018

Donations 2018

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